B&D Card Sticker Set (in German)


  • Additional note card during the game
  • Easy to remove
  • Reusable
  •  Set of 15 yellow card stickers, 5 red card stickers, 1 yellow & 1 red card

This sticker is specially designed to be used on the red and yellow disciplinary card while also serving as an additional note card during the game.

The application is simple: before the game, stick the sticker on the disciplinary card. During the game, you can use the sticker to capture important notes or information. Thanks to the special adhesive film, the sticker adheres securely to the card and stays in place without slipping.

After the game, the foil is easy to remove without leaving any residue on the disciplinary card. You can then simply stick the sticker on the match report to have all the relevant information in one place. If you have written on the sticker with a pencil, you can easily erase the notes and thus reuse the foil.

The b+d “Card Sticker” is an ideal complement to the game note card and gives you extra space to record important details.

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